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Hear ye, Hear ye...the call of the build list
***At this time, we are no longer accepting any more custom commissions. Thanks for your interest, once we get caught back up we will open the build list again.***
Ok folks, here's the queue as it currently stands, please remember, I seldom produce just frames...each of these builds constitute a fully custom project, many inclusive of unique or one-off design features, with a host of my custom accessories, elaborate paint, and a dash of whimsy. I shoot for about 10 complete projects a year...thanks for your patience:
- Paul M
- Steve E
- Mike W
- Steve F
- Juan B
- Martin W
- Julian H
- Ricardo
- Jeroen
- Matthew F
- Seth B
- Fabian B
- Michael Z
- Grietsje H
- Andre M
- Kristijan M
- William I
- Dan H
- Woody S
- Travis P
- Andy K
- Andy K (second bike)
- Emily F
- Chris H
- John F
- Matthew S.
- Will N.
- Dan L.
- Maria R.
- Ross H.
- Steve S.
- Joachim U.
- Matt B.
- Matt B. (second bike for wife)
- James M.
- Michael G.
- Andrea W.
- Zach C.
- Scott C
- Dan C.
- Hidde S
- Rob G.
- Keith F.
- Jeff P.
- Ben R.
- Ben R (second bike)
- Casper D.
- Jamie D.
- Brian B.
- Matthew R.
- Kevin K. 
- Aaron H.
- Dave S. /Tai S.
- Dave S. / Soleie S.
- Anthony P
Small parts and restos...I'm no longer accepting small parts work, sorry folks, but am trying to focus on reducing the wait list and working on frames.
‚Äč- David's bar/stem combo
- Mike's bar/stem combo
- Steven's Hardcore resto