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Custom Builds...this is what it's all about

Whether your cycling desires take you over asphalt or into the woods, I share your enthusiasm and offer designs that facilitate your fun.


The custom process excites me, as it is not constrained by pre-conceived parameters of mass produced frames. Beyond just personalized geometry, we have the ability to create a design that is as individual as your dreams and desires are. You are not limited by what's on the shelf or available from frame parts manufacturers, as one of my strengths is the fabrication of one off products that meet your needs. Don't be afraid to step outside the accepted norm...together we can craft a one of a kind creation that is yours alone.


Offering designs for the road, mountain, or playing together on a tandem, all frames are available in Steel, Titanium, or Aluminum.


Road Bikes

Does the whir of cassettes, salty sweat dripping off your nose, blurring speeds of 30 mph and a mere 6 inches separating you from the rest of the paceline turn you on? Perhaps it's a slower pace with grander goals; touring the country or world loaded with only what's necessary to move on to the next sunset. If you're excited already, it's time to jump on a Groovy Road Machine.

candy road bike.jpg 
Mountain bikes

If rock gardens, slippery roots, and fast flowing single track call to you, I've got you covered. Offering designs using 26", 650b, and 29" wheel sizes, a proper fitting bike that rolls and handles with confidence can be yours. With options from full squishy's to hardtails, single speed to Rohloffs, there are plenty of reasons to add just one more bike to the quiver.

Ti fork retro.jpg 



Desinging a tandem that met our needs is what first moved me into the world of custom frames. There are rarely any custom frame designs that rival the complexity of creating a frame that fits two diverse riders in perfect balance. Hitting it just right is very sweet though. Ready to bring your tandem experience to a higher level? So am I.