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****At this time, we are no longer accepting custom commissions. Thanks for your interest, when we are caught back up we will open the build list again.****
The process of custom frames does not lend itself well to rigid pricing, but does have a definitive starting point. Feel free to contact me with your ideas and we'll zero in on a price quote for you.
Steel Frames -
Each steel frame is built with tubing that is specifically choosen just for your application, utilizing materials from many tubing manufacturers as well as some custom tubes I have drawn just for my customers. Likewise, the method of joining is chosen based on what is most appropriate for your needs, most commonly employing TIG welding, brass fillet brazing, and silver.
Contact for Pricing
Titanium Frames -
Often described as the "magic metal", titanium offers light weight, excellent compliance/absorption, and unparalled strength and corrosion resistance. Utilizing a mixture of straight gauge and butted tubing from US and overseas mills, we'll choose the tube profiles that best define your anticipated ride characteristics.
Contact for Pricing
Aluminum Frames -
Combining lightweight and easy machinability, aluminum has moved to the forefront of the mass manufactured realm. It offers some desirable attributes for custom building as well, often allowing for greater flexibility in design and fabrication with lower machining cost.
Contact for Pricing
Custom accessories -
Custom forks, stems, bar/stem combos, Ti seat posts, and wheel builds are available with frame purchases only, each priced individually based on the complexity of the fabrication.
Forks begin at $275.00
Stems begin at $200.00
Bar/stem combos begin at $250.00
Ti posts - $200.00
Wheel builds - $100.00 per set
Placing an order -
If after surfing through these pages you've decided you'd like to work with me on your custom bicycle, here's how to go about it.
Give me a call or drop me an email and we'll get our relationship started.
I don't ask for your first born or a pound of flesh, I simply request a non refundable deposit of 20 dollars to secure your place on the build list.
As we move closer to your build date, we'll work together to dial in the custom geometry and design you desire as well as the components that will get you on a rolling piece of fun art. Once the details are finalized, I'll ask for additional funds to cover the deposit for the materials required for the build.
Final payment will be requested after pictures have been received and all finished work approved, before shipping.

Warranty info...

here's the truth, everything fatigues and eventually fails with use and the passage of time.  Don't worry, you won't be left all alone in despair if your custom bike suffers such a fate., but here is what you can expect.  Tubing or material failures are warrantied for 1 year, Craftmanship is for life.  Repairs will be worked into my schedule, materials and current shop hourly rate apply to all outside of warranty repairs.‚Äč